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Wireless Access

The product that started it all - Blue Sky Communications. It's a superior, fixed-wireless point-to-point data solution that utilises both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Blue Sky Communications is a 1:1 Layer 2 last mile product and, via strategic partnerships with major telcos and national network-to-network interfaces (NNI1), Blue Sky Communications is able to offer your business or home a 99.5% availability SLA (high-availability SLA). Blue Sky Communications is an ideal complementary or substitute service to fixed-line last mile technology, and the rapid implementation speed makes it a viable option for any business or home. With quick deployment, wide coverage, MPLS capabilities, and international breakout from our POPs (JHB and CT), Teraco POPs (JHB, CT and DBN) or NNIs, Blue Sky Communications empowers your business or home to connect quickly and efficiently, as well as save on costs.

Why Us?

  • Dedicated last-mile wireless access  
  • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum options
  • Voice, video and data traffic can be routed across the infrastructure
  • Connect any regional branch in to POPs (JHB and CT), Teraco POPs (JHB, CT and DBN) or via one of 45 NNIs.
  • Breakout to the internet internationally from SkyWire POPs (JHB and CT) or Teraco
  • POPs (JHB, CT and DBN), enabling you to interconnect quickly and efficiently between branches
  • Regional availability right across the South Africa - subject to LOS


  • Quick deployment
  • Wide geographical reach
  • Scalability and fl exibility (with quick upgrade path)
  • Security and performance
  • SLA delivery
  • IP-based service
  • Managed, end-to-end network management (carrier-grade)
  • Low latency
  • Great redundancy or primary last mile option
  • Reliable solution for previously under-serviced areas
  • Not affected by the common problems associated with traditional wired networks, such as copper cable theft or rising acid mine water


  • Faster installation times than traditional, serial-based technology or fibre last-mile
  • Fixed pricing, irrespective of distance (within specified regions)
  • Quick upgrades
  • Provides similar security, performance and reliability to that of fixed-line networks
  • Managed and controlled contention ratios provide dedicated end-to-end capacity, with no capacity sharing between customers
  • SLA - guaranteed uptime of 99.5% during a calendar month
  • Availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Broadband, voice and video traffic routing (QoS - with voice being prioritised)
    • 2 VLANs are confi gured when running voice and data services
    • No voice is routed through the internet
    • Voice will only be routed via Layer 2 back in to country-wide POPs (convergence on Layer 2 only)


  • A desktop line-of-site survey will be conducted first to ensure a clear Line of Sight (LOS) to an appropriate high site
  • A physical site survey (LOS survey) will be arranged if we are unsure about the feasibility due to possible obstructions (mountains, large buildings, trees and vegetation)
  • If necessary, written landlord's consent to mount equipment will need to obtained (Landowner's Consent Form)
  • Router with an Ethernet interface (this router will be provided)
  • 2U of rack space (for the terminating wireless equipment and the router)

structure skywire

Wireless Coverage