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Tunnel Systems

Because staying connected is everything. Blue Sky Tunnel Radio’s Communications system keeps you connected at all times, under all conditions, helping you improve safety, react faster to problems, make more informed decisions and maintain or improve productivity. The advanced noise-cancellation technology of  the hand-held radios cut no corners in delivering person-to-person voice clarity to the busiest, noisiest and/or hardest-to-reach corners of your operation.


With Blue Sky Tunnel Radio, it’s not just talk.The system is designed to grow with your enterprise. For example, adaptable splitters can take your system in multiple pathways and directions. The integration of our UHF/VHF Amplifiers with our Tracking Readers extends your access to critical data and powers of communication beyond what words alone can convey.


  • Easy Installation
  • Durable design and construction
  • Available in UHF or VHF
  • Available Automatic Gain Control (AGC) keeps amplifier levels where they should be, allowing for user-level override when   needed
  • Software-Defined Amplifier (SDA): program, control, monitor, and diagnose system via the internet
  • Secure remote diagnostics and tuning from anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Exceptional warranty protection from Blue Sky Tunnel Radio